Il Cerreto


Our organic farm with biodynamic cultivation allows guests to rediscover the origin of a cuisine, made with ingredients grown in our gardens. The Cerreto farm with 500 hectares of forest, vegetable fields, grains, legumes, orchards and olive trees are a supporter of the complete biodiversity of the grounds. This leads to a model of 100% organic food science in which the exclusivity of the product revives the traditional flavours. “Trust us, as we trust our land”, is the mission statement of Brivio family that it shares with its guests. The food produced from the earth at Il Cerreto are gifts coming from unpolluted pristine land, cherished and protected by that very same land. As well as the capable hands of Il Cerreto staff which are now an integral part of the farm.

Bio Agriturismo Il Cerreto


Bio Agriturismo Il Cerreto