Il Cerreto

Il Cerreto


"Discover the harmony of the soul within nature."
Il Cerreto was established as an official organic farm and agriturismo in 1991. The traditional Tuscan architecture and abundance of natural beauty have always been an inviting place of peace and tranquility, offering guests recovery and refreshment. Shortly after moving from the city, owners Paola and Carlo Boni Brivio immediately focused their farming activities to the ideals of R.Steiner. Their fields and plantation were redeveloped to form a healthy, living, agricultural organism. The radical change to being genuinely harmonious with nature took place gradually. Currently, Il Cerreto cultivates 300 hectares of land according to Biodynamic certification and allocated its two finest buildings to accomodation rooms and apartments. Later the natural swimming pool, the organic produce shop and the restaurant "Nell’Orto", were created, rounding up the organic experience. It is an honor and pleasure to share our philosophy of living with all our visitors and guests. The quality of our produce and food is a reflection of the Il Ceretto experience. Our aim is to provide each guest with a fulfilled vacation that enlightens the senses and sincerely satisfies the soul. We look forward to seeing you! Carlo e Paola.

Additional benefits

Yoga tuition (group or one-on-one) in our purpose built sound proof studio, surrounded by blissful greenery and natural landscape
Cultural and philosophical exchange in a inspirational environment
Seminars and workshops on various topics such as food, body, mind and soul
Use of in-house bicycles to explore the majestic routes and paths of Il Ceretto and surrounding areas
Culinary courses in local food tradition

Bio Agriturismo Il Cerreto


Bio Agriturismo Il Cerreto