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Il Cerreto is an organic homeodynamic farm.

Homeodynamic farming has developed through the philosophy and ideas of the Austrian anthroposophic scientist Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) a new method of farming wide spread throughout the world as “biodynamic agriculture”

which is based on three main principles:

  1. replenishing of the soil;
  2. the farm is conceived as a “living organism”;
  3. the farmer is part of the whole, the conscience of this organism who takes care of the interaction between the plants and the cosmos consequently choosing the right moment to plant the seeds, apply the treatments etc.

Biodynamic farming uses so-called “biodynamic preparations” which act as organic stimuli increasing vital life force of the farm.

The homeopathic method treasures these guide lines and the preparations strengthened and replenished by homeopathic dynamism are much more highly effective and reliable.

This method offers three evident advantages:

  1. completely toxic free waste in the soil and plants;
  2. low cost preparations due to high dilution;
  3. holistic management practices.

This new method of farming also offers an educational and moral approach for young people especially in an era where respect for life and the environment is continually waning.